2018 Hawaii Open (June 2)

Open Singles Super Round Robin

Division 1

1st Place: Greg Kerkow             2nd Place: Ahmed Soliman

Division 2

1st Place: Stewart Miyashiro   2nd Place: Angie Miyashiro

Division 3

1st Place: Frank Miller              2nd Place: Ernie Simon

Open Doubles                                           Handicap Singles

1st Place:                                                     1st Place: Stewart Miyashir0

Greg Kerkow / Ahmed Soliman         2nd Place: Ahmed Soliman

2nd Place:

Angie Miyashiro / Stewart Miyashiro

2017 Kona Open (Sept 16)

Open Singles                                         Under 3000 Doubles

1st Lubos Bilek, 2nd Mauricio Piza, Semifinalists Greg Kerkow, Yuki Yano

Under 1600

1st Samuel Fortna, 2nd Stewart Miyashiro

1st Steve Freedman & Zach Ross, 2nd Lubos Bilek & Angie Miyashiro

Under 1000

1st Frank Miller, 2nd Angie Miyashiro

2017 Hawaii Open (Mar 12)

Page Title

Open Singles       Under 1600         Under 1000         Doubles

1st Place:                                  1st Place:                                  1st Place:                                1st Place:

Stewart Hunter                     Jeffrey Cumes                        Ahmed Soliman                  Ahmed Soliman

                                                                                                                                                            Gary Kerkow

2nd Place:                                2nd Place:                                2nd Place:                            

Greg Kerkow                          John Romoa                            Lory Hunter                         2nd Place:

                                                                                                                                                             Jeffrey Cumes

                                                                                                                                                             Lory Hunter                                                                                                                                                        

2016 Kona Open (Aug 20)

Singles Division A                                   Singles Division B

1st Place: Carlos Ko                                                                        1st Place: Nick Smith

2nd Place: Noah Clark                                                                   2nd Place: Angie Miyashiro

Singles Division C                                    Under 1600 Singles

1st Place: April Fukumitsu                                                           1st Place: Armadillo Auriemmo

2nd Place: Bryce Kanemaru                                                        2nd Place: John Romoa

2015 Kona Open (Aug 16)

Over 1200 Singles                               Under 1200 Singles

1st Place: Yuki Yano                                                                1st Place: Avery Kramer

2nd Place: Stewart Hunter                                                   2nd Place: John Buck

Doubles A Division                             Doubles B Division

1st Place: Jeffrey Cumes & Narin You                             1st Place: Kyle Higuchi & Avery Kramer

2nd Place: Steve Freedman & Jamie Stokes                 2nd Place: Rey Presiados & Bhong Rubucas

Handicap Singles

1st Place: Tim Woolard

2nd Place: Rey Presiados

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